About Kiran

Kiran's mission is to end the cycle of abuse and to serve and empower South Asian victims of domestic violence in North Carolina by providing culturally specific services and comprehensive economic, social and community resources.

While the abuse itself does not manifest differently in South Asian communities, there are a number of elements of South Asian culture that complicate identification of abuse and help-seeking. These elements include the stigma of divorce, collectivism, patriarchy, joint family households, and concepts of honor/reputation ("izzat"). These challenges leave South Asian victims vulnerable to multi-pronged crises like immigration-related concerns; physical and mental health issues stemming from the abuse; financial assistance for transportation, rent, or attorney's fees; childcare assistance; translation/interpretation; job search; transitional/permanent housing; and more.

Kiran is prepared and equipped to provide culturally and gender competent support, as well as prolonged case management to address the unique challenges faced by each client. 

  • 24-hour crisis line

  • Safety Planning: Personalized, practical planning that can help in avoiding future dangerous situations

  • Translation Assistance: Interpretation assistance is available for clients originating from South Asian countries

  • Secure Housing: Assist client in securing stable housing through strong partnerships with collaborative partners

  • Empowerment: Empower clients and their families to to live safe, healthy and productive lives

  • Resource Referrals: Legal referrals to family law, immigration, and criminal attorneys; referrals to secure, confidential shelters and other forms of temporary housing; and medical referrals to primary physicians, specialty care providers, and counselors/therapists

  • Secondary Family Services: Assistance in arranging childcare, transportation services, and medical referrals for immediate family members

  • Client Advocacy: Intensive case management encompassing court accompaniment, assistance with domestic violence protective order (dvpo) filing, green card applications, and more.