Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with NCYCAC!

1. Support the artists!

NCYCAC relies on youth participation for the two day festival. We want everybody to watch all of the concerts over the two days of programming! We encourage all participants to stay for all of the concerts and support other youth artists from around the country. We bring in top music talent from all over the United States, so listening to the concerts is a good learning experience for aspiring youth musicians.


2. Be a youth volunteer!

NCYCAC relies on volunteers to put on a successful festival every year. We rely on youth volunteers to help us with festival statistics, registration desk duties, backstage management, and snack selling. Volunteering can be a lot of fun.



3. Participate in this year’s T-Shirt Design Contest!


  • Your design can only use one color (Possibly maroon or gold, as those are the NCYCAC colors).
  • Your design should be 8.5×11 inches (standard printer paper).
  • We strongly encourage you to use our logo! Find it on our website.
  • Keep in mind that your design will be on the front of the t-shirt–the back is reserved for our event sponsors.
  • Two years ago, our t-shirt included the names of all the participants. If you would like to include participant names in your design, feel free to do so! Use this site to create some random names for now; if we pick your design, we will work with you to incorporate all of the participant names.  

Email your design to