Performing at the Festival

NCYCAC invites numerous artists each year to participate in the annual Festival. 

We offer several levels of performance opportunities:

  • 7 minute Krithi Slot

  • 15 minute Short Solo

  • 30 minute Mini Concert

  • 1 hour Feature Concert

  • 1.5 hour Main Concert

The 7, 15, and 30 minute slots are designed to promote in-state talent. We require main artists of these concerts to be in-state participants and give preference to in-state accompanists as much as possible. 

In-State Artists

In-state artists can apply for 7, 15, and 30 minute performances.

Details about selection criteria, recording details, and applications can be found here

All decisions made by the programming committee are FINAL. Due to the limited number of slots and the large number of applicants, we may find it necessary to offer a slot that is shorter in duration than the slot that you applied for, and we cannot provide an opportunity for everyone who applies. 

In-state artists cannot apply for 1 hour feature and 1.5 hour main concerts. These slots are invite-only. 

Out-of-State Artists

NCYCAC invites high-level out-of-town artists to perform in our 1 hour feature and 1.5 hour main level slots. We hope that these out-of-town artists can serve as inspiration to the local youth.  At this time, we do not accept applications from out-of-town artists: the out-of-town slots are decided by invite only.