The Board

NCYCAC was founded and run by a team of young adults passionate about the arts, youth empowerment, and giving back to the community.



Shreyas Ashok

Junior, NC State University

I am proud to be President of NCYCAC. NCYCAC is one of the best youth forums for classical music in the Triangle area. NCYCAC combines two efforts: learning Carnatic music and giving to charity. By uniting these two fronts, NCYCAC has become an integral part of the community, and I hope to continue its legacy in the coming years.

Vice President, Head of Programming

Madhu Vadlamani

Senior, UNC Chapel Hill

To give back to society through retaining our traditional and sacred art form is a blessing which I am privileged to be a part of.

Head of Publicity
Vinithra Sudhakar

Senior, Enloe High School

Gautam Nagaraj

Senior, NC State University

I was taken into the Carnatic fold at age five (but really before birth). I joined NCYCAC in 2010 because it was a unique organization that offered the dual purposes of supporting the talented musical youth and beyond, and charity organizations doing groundbreaking work for the community. I look forward to seeing NCYCAC grow throughout the next several years!

Head of Technology
Visrut Sudhakar

Senior, UNC Chapel Hill

Being a part of NCYCAC I can give back to the community through my art, as well as encourage the next generation of youth leaders to follow their passions.

Head of Event Logistics, Programming
Kapil Ramanarayanan

Freshman, UNC Chapel Hill

It is a very interesting idea to make a Carnatic festival into charity fundraisers. It spreads opportunities and interest in music while making a positive impact on our communities. I enjoy that feeling of community while planning and attending the festival.

Event Logistics, Website
Sreeram Venkat

Sophomore, NC State University

Sreeram Venkat has been learning and performing Carnatic Music for over 12 years. He is currently learning from Smt. Geetha Ganesh and Shri. Malladi Suribabu. He loves working to support the community and often volunteers inspire children to pursue STEM. He has actively volunteered at NCYCAC for the past 5 years.

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Maitreyi Sivaraman

Freshman, UNC Chapel Hill

I have been playing the violin for almost 6 years under the tutelage of Seetha Ramakrishnan and Ranjani Ramakrishnan. I am a part of NCYCAC because I think it is a great way to become involved in the community through Carnatic music and a great platform to showcase your talents and learn from other musicians.


Event Logistics, Fundraising
Siddharth Gadepalli

Freshman, NC State University

As a student of Carnatic Music, I care deeply about promoting local talent and good music while inspiring young musicians to pursue their musical goals. Through NCYCAC, I am able to give back to the community through charity and participate in a showcase of musical talent.


Fundraising, Publicity
Gaurav Sirdeshmukh

Senior, East Chapel Hill High School

Gaurav Sirdeshmukh is a junior at East Chapel Hill high school in North Carolina. He has been learning mridangam under the tutelage of Sangita Kala Acharya TH Subash Chandran in Chennai and Arjun Raghavan in Chapel Hill for more than 8 years. Gaurav has played at a variety of venues in and around the state. Gaurav is part of NCYCAC because it gives him, and other young artists, an opportunity to immerse themselves in carnatic music while benefitting deserving charities year after year.


Head of Fundraising       Divya Nataraj

Junior, Green Hope High School

NCYCAC provides a great platform that promotes youth talent and encourages musicians to appreciate and learn from each other. As a student of music, I enjoy being surrounded by peers who share my interests, and I'm proud to be part of an organization that uses our love for music to help serve our community.


Key Contributor
Maya Krishnamoorthy

Junior, Raleigh Charter High School

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Key Contributor
Manasi Krishnakumar

Senior, Panther Creek High School



Former Board Members

Ram Vadlamani - Former Vice-President and Board Member

Arjun Raghavan - Founder and Former President

Sudarshan Mohan - Founder and Former President

Deepti Shroff - Founder and Board Member

Karthik Ardhanareeshwaran - Founder and Board Member


Key Contributor
Smriti Sridharan

Freshman, Raleigh Charter High School